Top Content Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

Top Content Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

Emilija Carević


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There has never been a better time for the tech industry. The sector accounts for a massive chunk of the total world market, with new companies popping up left and right. Being a part of this expansion is both rewarding and challenging. Businesses have to stay on top of their game not only by providing high-quality products and services but also by cultivating a positive brand image. 

The key to success is a strong marketing strategy, and at its core, well-developed and optimized content. If you’d like to learn more about it, read on. The following article will discuss top tips and tricks regarding content marketing for tech companies and the best way to use them.

Set Your Goals

Whether you’re creating a content marketing strategy for a start-up software company or a veteran brand, the first step is always the same. You and your team must consider, identify, and define your clients’ goals. Decide what audience they’re targeting, what results they’re hoping to achieve, and what tools you have at your disposal for accomplishing these goals. 

Once you have all these elements in writing, think about how you can measure them. You won’t know whether your marketing campaign is working unless you set some benchmarks. So, work with your colleagues on developing a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For instance, you can set deadlines for a particular number of:

  • Website visits
  • Generated leads
  • Signups to your newsletter 
  • Click-through rates

These figures should give you insight into your marketing campaign's effectiveness and suggest what you should change going forward.

Customize Your Content

Armed with clear goals and KPIs, you can start thinking about the content that best represents your client’s brand on the market. Content marketing for tech companies isn’t what it once was. Choosing a few generic topics to write about doesn’t cut it anymore. You must put more thought into industry trends and your client’s target audience. Research the market, identify the demand, and customize your content to fulfill it.

Add sophistication to the content marketing campaign for IT companies by utilizing all content formats modern technology offers. Use webinars and videos to introduce their products and services to new customers. Create blog posts to drive traffic to their websites and educate customers on the company's role in the market. Attach infographics like charts and graphs to make information more striking and easier to understand.

Diversify Your Content

Besides the format, content can differ in terms of topic, approach, tone, and style. Experiment with these categories to cater to a broader range of IT customers. For best results, try to tick the following boxes:

  • Create evergreen content — Content about the tech industry, its impact and future, different products and services, how-to guides, and so on.
  • Include case studies and success data — Content providing data on your client’s services and products, aiming to strengthen its brand identity.
  • Tackle relevant topics — Content that discusses the tech industry’s hottest topics and shares the latest information.
  • Try storytelling — Content that includes testimonials and success stories designed to evoke an emotional response.

Make the Most of Social Media

Social media is one of the best marketing tools the digital age has produced. Over 90% of world marketers use their social network profiles for marketing purposes, and around 75% claim they’ve seen a significant increase in traffic because of it. So, why not lean on social media content for tech companies' marketing campaigns? Don't wait any longer — start utilizing these platforms today. 

Learn which social media platforms your client’s customers use the most and concentrate your efforts there. Create impactful content and post regularly enough to stay at the top of the algorithm. Track mentions of the brand and analyze their nature. Identify the posts that have performed well and rethink the ones that haven’t been as successful.

Put Thought Leadership Into Practice

Thought leadership refers to content that offers perspective, advice, and guidance about an industry or field. It’s typically created by experts within one organization who share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences with the readers.

Thought leadership it’s an integral part of many successful content marketing strategies for IT companies for several reasons. Namely, this type of content can: 

  • Showcase your client’s brand in a new light
  • Highlight the expertise of your client's team members
  • Build trust and credibility 
  • Strengthen existing customer relations
  • Attract new customers

Thought leadership content varies according to your goals. However, research shows articles about personal experiences, industry analysis, controversial opinions, and networking are the most effective.

Repurpose Your Content

Staying relevant in the modern tech world is a daunting task. You must follow the trends, keep up with the competition, and be active across multiple channels. Two strategies can help ease this burden — content syndication and content repurposing.

The former refers to the process of republishing content on third-party websites, whereas the latter involves modifying and republishing already-produced content on other platforms used by your client. For instance, you can share articles and accompanying data on popular tech blogs or post snippets and screenshots from longer videos on your social media. 

The possibilities are endless, and the results are impressive. This way, you’ll make the most of your content marketing ideas for tech companies, increasing their reach and generating leads.

Target New and Existing Customers

One of the most common misconceptions in marketing is the audience. Most agencies focus on creating content for software company websites and social media that will drive traffic and generate leads. They neglect existing clients whose lost loyalty results in significant financial losses.

Don’t make the same mistake — analyze your clients’ traffic, learn about their regular customers, and study their behavior. Identify their needs and preferences and note how they differ from new customers'. Develop a content marketing plan for a software company that will target both groups systematically and effectively.

Build a Brand Voice

The tech sector tends to have weaker customer relationships because of its nature. The products and services these companies offer feel otherwordly, and their content too formal and technical. Clients are rarely emotionally invested and, therefore, more likely to switch providers.

To eliminate this risk and make your content marketing for tech companies more effective, try building a brand voice. Ensure all content on your client’s online platforms is consistent and cohesive. Consider creating a fictional character to personify the brand and make it approachable and likable. Observe how these changes affect traffic and the bottom line and adjust your strategy accordingly.


The tech industry is a crowded and competitive field. However, you can guide your clients on their path to success by using the right marketing strategy. When done right, content marketing for tech companies can improve brand awareness, help build a strong online presence, increase traffic, and improve the bottom line. Give our tips and tricks a try and see for yourself!


How do you sell content to a company?

Selling content marketing involves a couple of steps. You can start by identifying potential clients and discovering their goals, needs, and preferences. Next, you should develop a campaign in collaboration with your client. Finally, you will need to establish a price that will be sufficient to cover the cost of your work and that will fit your client’s budget.

How to do content marketing for a tech company?

Working on content marketing campaigns for companies in the technology sector isn’t much different from any other marketing task. You must research the market, discuss your client’s goals, needs, and requirements, and build a strategy around them. Refer to our content marketing tips and tricks above for more information.

How are companies using content marketing?

Content marketing has several applications. It can help businesses establish and grow brand awareness, promote their products and services, build an online presence, drive traffic, and generate sales.

How do I sell user-generated content to brands?

User-generated content can do wonders for a company’s image, reach, traffic, and engagement rates. So, find a company that needs these assets, pitch your ideas, explain their potential, and provide examples.

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