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A team of exceptional and creative wordsmiths that bring brands to life, capture audiences and create a competitive edge.


Our story /

Our story/

HIREQUARTERS started as a small project developed by a few English language graduates back in 2017. Over time, our company has grown to employ over a dozen people, serving numerous clients across various industries.

Between then and now, HIREQUARTERS has faced many challenges but always managed to stay on top of things and find room to grow, thanks to highly developed organization and hard-working team members.

Our mission /

Our mission/

This story began with the mission to deliver value and authenticity to the world of digital marketing and online business in general. As a company founded on responsibility and credibility, we believe that what you give is what you get. 

We leave recognizable digital footprints in everything we do, showcasing our authentic and creative approach to online marketing. However, creativity is nothing without a systematic approach and thorough processes. That’s why we pay great attention to detail and make sure to leave no stone unturned, thereby always trying to reach perfection through both innovative and traditional approaches.

Our founder /

Our founder/

Milan Novakovic


Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. 

Before starting HIREQUARTERS, I witnessed medium- and large-scale businesses doing well despite their questionable workflow and quality of service they provide. That’s when I realized I can do it better, even though I had zero experience in entrepreneurship. 

A vision is best presented as a story people can relate to.

I knew that courage and openness to new things is the formula for overcoming challenges. Thanks to my viewpoint of business and life in general, I’ve managed to gather like-minded people and form a group of young individuals with the same aim − deliver results.

It’s quality rather than quantity that matters.

I believe that if you offer high-quality service, you’ll be rewarded either financially or through a long-term relationship you’ve built with the client. To offer high-quality service in the first place, your focus should be on creating a great product, not on marketing. I’m happy to say HIREQUARTERS has grown to the point where we can promise consistent service without sacrificing quality.

Our team /

Our team /
Bojana Veljkovic

Bojana Veljkovic


Bojana Veljkovic

Bojana Veljkovic


Stefan Nedeljkovic

Stefan Nedeljkovic

Content Team Coordinator

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