Top 6 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas

Top 6 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas

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New marketing opportunities have opened up in the modern era, mainly in the virtual world. A highly-populated society has led to rapid development in various industries, including real estate. Among many options, content writing for real estate agents and agencies has proved highly useful because it works through so many channels.

Through real estate content marketing, you can connect with customers in a few different ways. But what is the best way to do it? In this article, we’ll discuss several moves you can make to build a successful content marketing strategy and bring more customers to your business.

1. Create Written Guides About Your Properties

Most people have thousands of questions about buying, renting, or selling a home. Since agents know how things work in their industry, they need to stay on top of things and try to create quality content for real estate website pages, such as property guides. 

Try to be as descriptive as possible and offer relevant real estate website content your customers will find helpful. Think beyond square footage and wooden floors and discuss the outdoor space, neighborhood, and possible uses of certain rooms. You can also feature other free real estate content, like tips and tricks on choosing the right property.

2. Keep Your Customers Up-to-Date With Market Trends and News

There’s always something new happening in real estate. Whether the price goes up or down, or new materials replace old ones, customers will be interested in hearing more about it, as such changes may directly affect their plans.

This is another aspect of business where content marketing for real estate may prove helpful. Add a page to your website on which you’ll regularly post content related to all the changes taking place in the real estate industry. Your customers will undoubtedly have additional questions, but they’ll appreciate that you always present an accurate market picture through real estate content writing.

3. Create Photo Galleries to Display What You’re Offering

Real estate web marketing plays a vital role in many industries, including real estate. If done right, it can help real estate agencies close more deals. With today's discerning viewers, your video content must be impeccable. Otherwise, it could do you more harm than good.

If you post pictures, ensure a professional real estate content creator takes them. That way, they’ll have the right quality and optimum angles. Low-quality photos taken in haste with your phone won’t do the trick, and customers will see this as a lack of effort from your side.

4. Use Real Estate Content Videos for Virtual Tours

If you choose video content, the first step is to create a YouTube channel. Videos are the best real estate content marketing tools, as they could save you the valuable time you’d spend giving house tours to many people. 

You can link the YouTube videos from your channel to your website and help people find you. Also, your videos don’t have to be home tours. This is one of many content marketing ideas for real estate. Remember those written guides we mentioned earlier? Turn them into video content, and increase your reach by targeting an audience that doesn’t have time to read.

5. Use the Power of Social Media

Social media is a top marketing option nowadays, as almost everyone has an account on at least one platform. Furthermore, people are now more likely to look things up on Instagram and Facebook, increasing the importance of real estate content for social media.

Therefore, you must be active on social media to stay relevant and have your marketing strategy pay off. Aside from using top-rated real estate Instagram content ideas, you should try to create content for TikTok and Facebook to cover different age groups. The best thing about social media is that you can simultaneously push all types of content by merging photos and videos with written text.

6. Let Your Clients’ Stories Speak For You

When people google real estate and bump into your agency, make sure they can find more than just About Us content for a real estate company. Aside from valuable articles, photos, and videos, you should have a page presenting client testimonials — there’s nothing like positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Ask happy clients to write something about their experience with your agency. These don’t have to be very long, but they should cover everything from when you met with the customer until they got what they were looking for. You can publish these testimonials on your website, and this digital marketing strategy for real estate will encourage other visitors to contact you.


Content marketing for real estate has become one of the best options for real estate agents to showcase their work. You can go for written content, get someone’s attention with high-quality photos and videos, or combine all of these through social media.

Whatever you do, don’t take real estate content creation lightly. If you can’t handle it alone, hire professionals to create great content that offers value to your customers. You’ll have more time to deal with customers’ demands because your marketing strategy will stand on its own.


What is content marketing in real estate?

Content marketing in real estate helps agents and agencies present their work and attract more clients. Real estate content examples can include various articles related to the real estate industry, high-quality photos and videos, testimonials, and many other things.

How do I become a real estate content creator?

Becoming a real estate content creator requires a bit of talent, a lot of work, and above all, genuine interest in the field. If you’re good with words, you can start by generating a real estate content writing sample and sending it to different agencies. Another thing you can do is produce some free real estate content for social media and offer it to agencies and agents you follow and want to work with.

What kinds of content marketing might be appropriate for a real estate agency?

Many real estate content marketing ideas can work for you, provided they’re done right. In recent years, content marketing done through social media has flourished as it enables businesses to combine photos, videos, and written content into a single post.

How to do digital marketing for real estate agents?

While content creation may sound straightforward, creating good real estate content marketing can be a daunting task. To attract more customers, you must offer valuable content, such as well-crafted articles, high-quality photos and videos, informative infographics, and more. Creating all this requires specific skills, so if you notice that your content writing for real estate doesn’t get enough attention, it’s better to hire professionals who’ll do it for you.

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