Google Digital Garage Review

Google Digital Garage Review

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Due to technological advancements, businesses now have more opportunities to succeed online. At the same time, fast-paced working conditions have made it harder for people without digital skills to remain competitive and relevant. Knowing this, we did a Google Digital Garage review to help them out. 

It is a non-profit organization that offers free training for anyone interested in learning digital skills. Training programs are delivered through an online learning platform, with users receiving an official Google Digital Garage certificate upon completion. 

In this article, we will elaborate on how you can benefit from using this platform, provide a list of the fundamental courses, and discuss its pricing.


  • Free courses
  • Easy access
  • Expert design
  • Resume/CV upgrade
  • Refreshing way to learn
  • Contemporary topics
  • Courses beneficial to anyone
  • Plethora of tests and skill trackers
  • Flexible learning pace


  • Not as interactive as a classroom training
  • Self-discipline required

Why Use Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage secures easy access to knowledge for everyone who wants to learn digital with Google. To begin with, you get to study digital marketing, online advertising, SEO, and analytics free of charge. Furthermore, the certificate you get upon course completion is also free. 

However, the greatest thing is that all the training and tutorials are carefully designed by online industry professionals. The courses are divided into modules, and they follow contemporary topics and trends. Thanks to the incorporated visuals like quizzes, graphs, and animations, learners can stay focused and engaged. 

Since the training is available online, you can watch all the modules at your convenience. This means that anyone can benefit from the course regardless of their previous knowledge and skills.

Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or a novice struggling to get your startup on its feet, the Google Garage courses will enhance your digital skills and boost your profits.

Comprehensive List of Google Digital Garage Features

Google has partnered up with many training institutes and universities to provide the best experience. With over 150 value-packed courses, the program offers a plethora of choices. There are three categories of Google certification courses — digital marketing, career development, and data and tech. 

Various programs are offered, starting from beginner to intermediate and, eventually, advanced. Every one of them is designed to make learning any digital skill easy, even if you have no previous experience. Read each Google Digital Garage review below carefully to get a clear picture of what you can expect from the most popular courses on this platform. 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course

Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is the most sought-after training on the platform. It’s free and accredited by the Open University and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe. It has 26 modules that last 40 hours, which you can follow at your own pace. All the materials are designed by Google trainers who have implemented real-life examples and practical exercises so that you can quickly put the knowledge into practice.

Since this is a beginner course, Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing answers all your questions about the core concepts of digital marketing. By reading other users’ Google Digital Garage reviews and feedback, we’ve learned that most people praise this course for helping them upgrade their SEO, business strategy, e-commerce, and content marketing skills, among other things. 

Since it’s sometimes hard to know whether training sessions like this are worth your time and money, this Google free digital marketing course is your safe bet, as it contains trustworthy and up-to-date information. It is perfect for those people who want to start a new online business or become digital marketers.

Google Digital Marketing and e-Commerce

This section of our Google Digital Garage review focuses on the Google Digital Marketing and e-Commerce training. This is a top-rated course, and Google provides it in partnership with Coursera. It is an entry-level certification, which means that people who are just getting into digital marketing will most likely benefit from it; however, there’s no doubt that even professionals can use it to brush up on their skills.

A total of 7 modules lasting 240 hours and hundreds of practice-based assessments should be enough to equip you with job-ready skills in 3–6 months, depending on how dedicated you are to the course. 

This course will teach you the skills needed to start an entry-level job in digital marketing or e-commerce. And if you are new to search engine optimization, it will show you how to maximize the performance of your business marketing and SEO. 

Skill-wise, the training focuses on marketing, display advertising, SEO, customer loyalty, and more. However, this is a paid course that you have to subscribe to monthly — luckily, it comes with a 7-day free trial, so you will be able to make an informed decision.

Google Data Analytics

Many people who want to learn digital with Google opt for its data analytics course. Google has developed it in partnership with Coursera, and more than 300k people have earned this certificate. It is ideal for data analytics beginners who can truly benefit from its 180 hours of learning content and career resources, with connections to over 120 US employees. 

The training provides basic analytic knowledge, an abundance of learning materials, and excellent certification credentials. Aside from being well-structured, the program also includes access to career resources, a learning community, as well as a capstone data project. 

Aspiring data or business analysts praise this course for its flexibility and the fact that they can work through the modules at their own pace. Another thing to point out is that this is a paid program. It typically takes two to three months to complete; plus, the sooner you finish it, the cheaper it is. You can also test it by activating a 7-day free trial. 

Although the certificate does not guarantee employment upon completion, the essential data skills taught in the course can be applied to most entry-level positions for associate data analysts.

Google UX Design

If you are interested in user experience or web design, a Google UX Design certificate can help you launch your career. This program will help you get a job as an entry-level UX designer — and the best thing is that you don't need any previous experience in web or graphic design to enroll in it.

It is a paid course developed by Google design engineers and offered via the Coursera platform. The program covers various topics, such as research, strategy, prototyping, and design thinking. Moreover, you will learn how to empathize with users, build wireframes, and conduct research to test your designs. 

After completing it, you will be able to create interfaces that are effective, intuitive, and user-friendly. However, you must finish all modules and pass all graded assignments to become certified.

This Google Digital workshop is ideal for people who aspire to become web, mobile app, or product designers. 

Pricing and Free Trial 

Google Digital Garage courses are free, so you don’t have to worry about trials and payment procedures. It is Google’s goal to reach as many people as possible with its programs, which is why it doesn’t even charge for live training/webinars — you can just easily schedule them at your convenience. 

Aside from its own courses, Google also offers plenty of workshops in partnership with other course providers, including Coursera, Udacity, Open University, Skillshop, FutureLearn, Grasshopper, and many others. It’s worth noting that the majority of them are free. 

However, we advise you to check and read Google Digital Garage reviews about the courses you are interested in, as some come with a price, especially the certificated ones. Fortunately, there is always a free trial, so you can test the waters and see if that is something you would like to continue learning. 


Certification courses from Google's Digital Garage can boost your resume and help you stand out, especially when applying for jobs or searching for clients. Once you complete all the modules and pass the exam of the chosen course, you can download your certificate. If you lose it, Google allows you to re-download it as often as you want. 

Google Digital Garage courses have no expiration date, but you must be aware that they keep up with the latest trends, and what is contemporary now may be outdated in a few years. So, it is a good idea to return to these training sessions after a year or two, as they will help you monitor the changes in the industry and stay up-to-date. 

Another thing to remember is that some of Google’s partners may charge for issuing a certificate, so make sure to check that before enrolling. Plus, not all courses issue certificates, so if that is a deal breaker for you, double-check this as well. 

Currently, the most sought after Google Digital Garage certificates are those obtained for the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce, Google Data Analytics, and Google UX Design. 

With a Google certification, you will demonstrate your commitment to your professional development and show that you possess the relevant skills and knowledge. However, you should bear in mind that a certificate offers real value only when you apply your knowledge and develop your practical skills.


We hope this Google Digital Garage review helped you understand how you can acquire some fundamental digital skills easily and effectively. The learning platform is free, which makes it an excellent way for anyone to upgrade their skill set. Due to the well-structured courses, you can learn from different modules, track your progress, and take a final quiz; however, the best thing is that you can learn the material practically and effectively. 

Nevertheless, if you only have time for one course from Google Digital Garage, the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is well worth your time. After completing this course, you will receive a certificate recognizing your success. 


Is Google Digital Garage free?

Many people decide to join the Google Digital Garage primarily because they can gain access to a wealth of information and attend Google certification courses free of charge. People behind Google set up this program to assist people in finding jobs, growing their careers, or expanding their businesses.

Is it worth doing Google Digital Garage?

Taking Google Digital Garage courses can help you learn the fundamentals in several fields. It is a great way to acquire new skills and improve the current ones, and it will hold some weight if you decide to include it in your resume. Plus, similar courses may cost you hundreds of dollars, and here you get most of them for free. 

What is Google Digital Garage?

Google Digital Garage is a non-profit program offered by Google. It is a training platform providing free courses and certificates everyone can take from the comfort of their home. With over 150 courses at their disposal, learners can opt if they want to study courses related to digital marketing, career development, or data and tech. 

What is the difference between Google skillshop and digital garage?

Like the Digital Garage, Google provides another platform for growing your skills using its tools and solutions — Google skillshop. The difference is that the former focuses on digital marketing, whereas the latter is aimed at Google Ads.

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