Best Content Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2023

Best Content Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2023

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The digital era has transformed many industries, but advertising has been hit particularly hard. The internet’s become the main gateway for connecting with audiences, so marketers face the challenge of adapting to its ever-changing landscape on a daily basis. The key is keeping up with the competition — and what better way to stay on top of the industry trends than by attending content marketing conferences?

The following article lists the best content marketing conferences, reviews them, and explores their significance. Stay tuned and conquer the content marketing world of 2023 with us.

Top 2023 Content Marketing Events 

  • Content Marketing World Conference
  • Confab Marketing Conference
  • ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

How Can You Benefit From Content Marketing Conferences?

Searching for the best content marketing conferences, registering, buying tickets, and traveling there seems like a lot of work. So, why should one go to such lengths? The list below provides the primary reasons you may want to attend content marketing summits. Have a look.

  • Keep up with marketing trends — Content marketing conferences are rich with helpful information. You can learn about the latest trends, discover innovative strategies, and find solutions to challenges you’ve been facing. 
  • Network —  Content strategy conferences in Europe, the US, and other parts of the world are a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from the industry and exchange ideas and contacts. You can connect with your peers, build business relationships, and widen your professional network.
  • Put your business on the map — Marketing summits attract the biggest names in the industry. They’re a perfect spot for meeting industry experts and establishing and building brand awareness. Over 60% of marketers believe these events are crucial for achieving professional goals.

How to Find the Best Content Marketing Conferences

There are several ways to find marketing conferences that are worth attending. The easiest approach involves searching the web for reviews and social media posts. Keeping an eye on marketing news and following trusted industry names can also provide valuable insight. 

Once you’ve completed your research, you should have a list of events you’ll then need to narrow down. This is where your personal needs and preferences come into play. The best content marketing conference for you should deal with relevant topics and address critical issues related to your work. It should be hosted by reputable brands and offer attendance options that suit your schedule and budget.

Picking a single event based on these criteria can be challenging and tedious, so we’ve decided to give you a hand. The following sections comprise a list of top content marketing conferences in 2023 and their features. Browse the options below, read all the details on each event, and choose the one that seems most appealing.

Best Content Marketing Conferences 2023 List

In this section, you’ll find an overview and the pros and cons of three popular content marketing conferences. Read each one carefully to find your match. 

Content Marketing World Conference


Content Marketing World is the biggest and most well-known conference in the industry. It dates back to 2010 when Content Marketing Institute was formed. The first event attracted only 125 people in a small conference room in a Cleveland hotel. Nowadays, this summit brings together thousands of marketing and content leaders, creative directors, independent writers, and other professionals.

This year, the conference is set to take place in Washington, D.C., and run for three days, from Sep 26 to 29. It will comprise over 100 session tracks, covering topics such as agency strategies, analytics and data, content ROI, demand generation, and more. The speaker lineup includes industry experts from Salesforce, Microsoft, Nissan, Semrush, LinkedIn, Forrester, Orbit Media, and so on.

Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of learning material
  • Diverse and relevant topics
  • Presentations by content marketing trailblazers
  • Speaker proposals welcome
  • Discounts for groups of 4 or more members


  • Session descriptions could be clearer
  • Improvements needed for breaks and meal schedules 

Confab Content Strategy Conference

Confab is another popular annual marketing event held in the United States. It’s been around for many years, but that’s not the only reason it ranks as a runner-up on our best content marketing conference list. Confab’s focus is on the application and usefulness of digital content. To that end, the summit gathers professionals who work in design, strategy, management, and many other related fields. It tackles topics such as content design for digital products, SEO for findability, content accessibility and inclusivity, and so forth.

Confab 2023 is going to take place in Minneapolis, MN from April 30 to May 3. It’ll include workshops on content marketing fundamentals, deep dives into niche fields, and numerous main-stage talks. The issues set to be discussed range from content strategy framework key components to product content design and ROI. This year’s speakers comprise Facebook, Etsy, Salesforce, ONWARD, Adobe, Amazon, and many other marketing experts. 

Pros and Cons


  • Event by a global content strategy company
  • Workshops for various levels of expertise
  • Great lineup of speakers
  • Well-planned creative events
  • All attendees welcome 


  • No virtual attendance options
  • Talks potentially too broad or abstract

ANA Content Marketing Conference

ANA Masters of Marketing Conference is organized by the US organization ANA. The institution's name is an acronym for the Association of National Advertisers — one of the country's oldest and largest trade associations. As one of the industry pioneers, the ANA stages conferences aimed at providing a real-time view of the latest marketing trends and practices. It makes our best content marketing conference list because it helps marketers expand their business networks and increase the visibility of their brands.

The 2023 ANA content marketing summit is going to run from Oct 24 to 27 in Orlando, FL. It’ll feature talks on various subjects, from advertising case studies to marketing strategies and practices. Thanks to the ANA’s dedicated mobile app, interested parties can attend virtually. Virtual participants will have the same networking and socializing opportunities as those attending in person. The app is designed to offer matchmaking options and facilitate connecting with partners, organizing meetings, and more.

Pros and Cons


  • Event by a reputable and experienced organization
  • Unique insights and perspectives 
  • Discussions that spark meaningful dialogues
  • Speaker proposal submissions accepted
  • Great virtual attendance opportunities


  • Topics catering to senior-level marketers
  • Lack of info on individual conference sessions


Digital technology plays an increasingly important role in modern marketing. Therefore, there’s little room for error in the content management department. Your business has to follow the trends and utilize current strategies to stay on top of its game, and that is where marketing summits come in handy. The best content marketing conferences can educate you on the latest tactics and business practices and help you network and drive your growth. If you’d like to attend them, feel free to refer to our top list for more information.


What is the top marketing festival?

The world is rife with great marketing festivals. You can find our top three picks in the sections above. However, there are plenty of other conferences that you might like more. Honorable mentions would be INBOUND Marketing Conference, MozCon, and ContentTECH Summit. Ultimately, it's up to your needs, goals, and preferences.

How many people attend Content Marketing World?

Content Marketing World Conference started as an event catering to only 125 registrants. Increasing popularity and recognition have led to a rise in attendance over the years. The festival gets around 2,000 to 3,000 guests nowadays.

Why should I attend a content marketing conference?

Content marketing conferences offer plenty of benefits to their attendees. Some of the most relevant ones include networking opportunities, insights into recent advertising trends and strategies, and brand-awareness development.

What will I learn at a content marketing conference?

Depending on the topics they cover, content marketing conferences provide various valuable tips, tricks, and ideas. You may learn about new advertising tactics, brand strategies, content optimization, social media marketing, analytics, and more.

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